What We Do

Providing Business Ideas and Marketing Solutions for investment in Mineral Industry in Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with numerous natural resources and minerals like Marble, Granite and Precious Stones. There is a tremendous potential for effective and efficient exploration and utilization of these resources. If properly exploited not only the socio-economic conditions of the local communities could be improved but at the same time foreign investors using latest technology and skills may reap the benefits. Ascendea is a platform to facilitate foreign investors and local business community to explore new business avenues by making investment into the mineral industry in North–western Pakistan. We facilitate our clients in understanding the scope and facets of potential investment avenues for making informed decisions. We provide our clients with trending market solutions and ideas.

In-depth Studies and Research

Ascendea has a cutting edge of expertise, skills and professionalism to conduct exploratory studies, research, surveys and assessment studies. We facilitate potential investment ideas by providing consultancy for business projects to better understand market trends and to minimize risk factor in potential business plans. We provide our services in knowing the unknown and guide our clients in strategic planning and development.

Skill Development

We understand that a peaceful environment is a pre-requisite for development. Deriving from our knowledge of indigenous practices and customs and our internationally trained mentors in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, we prepare a human resource capable of handling challenges in internal set-ups and external market demands as they are expected to contribute with creativity and innovation.

Mutual Collaborations and Linkages

We invest our knowledge, resources and expertise in projects through mutual understanding and cooperation with likeminded organizations and individuals. Ascendea strives to partner and invest in creative and un-conventional approaches through the effective utilization of the collective wisdom.

Planners and Designers

Our partners and staff have extensive experience in Planning and Design of Master Plans at a Community (city) level, Neighborhood (large society) level, and Detailed (site plan) level, including farm house development. In particular, Hugh Thompson has had over 40 years experience in the design and development of significant tracts of land in Ontario, Canada.

Infrastructure Design and Construction

Our partners and staff have experience in design of infrastructure for large scale developments and construction engineering, including installation of sewers, water supply, electrical and gas, storm water run off and detention facilities, construction of roads, walkways, park facilities and landscape, installation of horticulture, trees, plants and soft and hard landscape.

Architectural Design and Structural Design

Our partners, staff and associates provide Architectural design and Structural design with emphasis on quality, style and economy, for multi-storey commercial, offices, auditoria, mosques, hospitals, universities, and residential, including multi-storey hostels and apartments for students and faculty.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

We have the capabilities to design and install all required MEP and HVAC facilities for low and high rise buildings. Installation of heavy industrial plants, firefighting systems, alarm systems, central heating, CCTV systems, building management systems and security facilities.

Interior Design, Construction and Supply

We are experienced in the design and construction of interior walls, decor, and all types of finishes, including supply of furniture, fittings and fixtures.

Landscape Design and Construction

We have extensive design and construction experience for retaining and toe structures, rain harvesting and drainage systems, irrigation, horticulture and planting layouts, including hard landscape works, stone pitching roads, stone masonry.

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